About Me

I was born in New Zealand and currently reside in Wellington. I gained an LLB and law professionals at Auckland University between 1976-1980 and gained an LLM (Hons) at Auckland University in 1983.

I was admitted to the bar in May 1981.

My Masters Degree included a study of criminal procedure, criminal law and criminology. In particular I wrote papers on discovery in criminal cases (which has been of ongoing interest to me) and bail under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Prior to commencing practice, I worked as a volunteer for the Grey Lynn Neighbourhood Law Office. I worked as a litigator (primarily in criminal law) at all levels of the Court system since then – see my case list for an incomplete sample.  In addition to that I was a Duty Solicitor and did minor criminal cases at the District Court because they are always important.  Upon my return to Auckland I was a volunteer lawyer at the People's Centre, was on the Bill of Rights roster when it was still voluntary, and have done pro bono cases. I was a Duty Solicitor at Waitakere and Tauranga District Courts and now do the same at the Wellington District Court.

Was a tutor in constitutional law (for one year) and criminal (for four - five years in all) at Auckland Law School.  Also, in late 1980's /early 1990's delivered a lecture (on criminal discovery), on a yearly basis to Bernard Brown's Advanced Criminal Law class.   In 2010 I was a guest lecturer at Victoria University for John Miller’s Criminal Procedure class.

I have worked in virtually all aspects of legal practice ranging from sole practitioner (as a barrister), partner and employee of a small practice, and employee in medium size practices.

In 1999 conducted Orderly Room proceedings at RNZAF Base Hobsonville and juniored a colleague, Major Peter Brock, at the subsequent Court Martial.

Worked as a litigator at McCaw Lewis Chapman, Hamilton (Staff Solicitor) Martelli McKegg Wells & Cormack, Auckland (Staff Solicitor) and Smith & Partners, Waitakere City (Partner).

In 1993 I resigned from my partnership as a solicitor to become a barrister. I joined friends and colleagues Peter Winter, David McNaughton, Angela Corry and Paul Gruar at Ponsonby Chambers where I stayed until 1999.  They went on to practice out of Hobson Chambers (and on to bigger and brighter things) but the name Ponsonby Chambers is now being used by Alex Ashmore, Antony Mahon, Susan Houghton and Emma Parsons, who are very on to it family lawyers.

From 2000 – 2007 I was at Devonport Chambers at Tauranga which was a great place to live.

From 2007 – I moved to Wellington for family reasons, and because it is a great place to practice.  I worked in Blackstone Chambers which is headed by Tony Ellis together with Michael Bott until the end of 2008 before striking out on my own and have been in these Chambers since.  I have been ably assisted by outstanding  law students from Victoria University – starting with the amazing Danica who set a very high standard.  All  have gone on to gradate and will go further than me.  Sadly one day I will lose Tara to  a star job as a lawyer.

My interest in law reform and procedure includes:

As an Auckland University Students Association member prepared and presented submissions on criminal legislation to the Justice & Law Reform Select Committee;

Organised various speakers in my capacity as Secretary of the Criminal Bar Association including a seminar on plea bargaining and a meeting on Law Commission proposals on police detention and questioning;

As secretary of the CBA, organised a CBA member to appear as amicus curiae in two CA cases and assisted in preparation;

Was one of three authors of submissions by the CBA to the Law Commission concerning its proposed police detention scheme.

In 2005 I was on an NZLS Sub-Committee about a bill changing evidence law – the Evidence Act 2006.

In 2003 went to Parliament with Guyon Foley (a senior Barrister in Auckland) to make personal submissions on substantial changes to the Crimes Act (what has now turned out to be one of many substantial changes).

I have been a member of various Law Society Committees including the ADLS CLE Committee.   I have given seminars on aspects of the criminal law and sentencing and have contributed to the drug symposium at ADLS and have chaired seminars in Auckland.  In 2009 I updated the ADLS Practice Manual Chapter on Sentencing. 

I occasionally write articles for Acquitalk the magazine of the NZ CBA, and New Zealand Lawyer (when time permits).

I am or have been a member of various subcommittees for the Waikato/BOP and Auckland District Law Societies. My preferred committee (with which I am still involved) is the CLE sub-committee.

Member NZLS Family Law Section, NZ Criminal Bar Association, Wellington Criminal Bar Association, NZ Bar Association, former member NZ Forensic Science Society & NZ Insurance Law Association.

Outside experience includes: 

    • Trustee for the Hamilton Youth Resource Centre 1985-1987.
    • Secretary of New Zealand Criminal Bar Association 1992-1995 (and executive member before that)
    • Member Board of Trustees of Glenburn Special School from 1992 until the BOT was reconstituted by Order in Council (to facilitate its handover to PSSA).
    • Have completed the Te Ara Reo Maori programme of Te Wananga O Aotearoa (Tauranga Moana)
    • Between 2002 - 2005 became a member of the Mt Maunganui Artificial Reef Trust, which had membership from business and University circles and was on that Trust for some three years.  Congratulations on them for getting the surf reef installed.

Personal Info


All Criminal Work

  • Available for counsel of choice categories 2,3,4 and 5
  • Drug cases, sex trials and all jury work
  • Traffic cases
  • Limited licences
  • All District Court work including defendedhearings and pleas in mitigation
  • Appeals to the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court
  • Quasi criminal cases including fisheries, customs, Commerce Commission (fair trading) and local Council prosecutions



  • Administrative and human rights law including:
  • Judicial review of decisions of Government or public bodies
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Refugee and immigration cases
  • The application of international treaties within NZ's domestic law and
  • Claims for compensation under the common law, the Crimes of Torture Act 1989 and the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990, for example, for false imprisonment, arbitrary arrest and misfeasance of officeCommercial/Civil
  • Liquidation and insolvency work including claims against liquidators including voidable distributions

Public Law

Administrative and human rights law including:

  • Summary judgements, contracts, estoppel and recovery of debts
  • Claims involving fraud - constructive trust claims including equitable remedies and tracing of property
  • Dishonored insurance contracts
  • Defamation and Media Law
  • Fair trading and misrepresentation
  • The law of obligations particularly contractual and tortious and breach of fiduciary against professionals
  • Injunctions and pre-trial charging orders
  • Land law - including trespass, tree cases, neighbour and conveyancing disputes
  • Claims by real estate agents for unpaid fees

Private Family Court

  • Property Relationship Act cases (formerly) or - de facto - constructive trust - including matrimonial property disputes
  • Custody and access including obtaining urgent interim orders
  • Estate claims including testamentary promises and family protection
  • Domestic violence applications and Harassment Act cases


Instructions through any solicitor

Legal aid counsel of choice

Categories 2, 3 4 and 5



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In the Supreme Court;

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Before the Court of Appeal;

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Civil (3)

Adams v Tivoli (Ak HC CP 817/91, 24.09.93 per Smellie, J)

Brady v Seagar (NSDC NP 963/95, 21.11.96, per Morris, DJ) Citic Australia Commodity Trading Pty Ltd v Vague (Ak HC CP 621/98,19.01.99 per Smellie, J)

Clarke v Watts [2014] NZHC 822

Re Corban (dec’d) (Ak HC M 905/91, 08.12.92 per Hillyer, J)

Cowley v Pooley (AK HC CP 765/91, 18.07.91 per Anderson, J)

Dent v State Insurance (Ak HC CP 151/91, 17.10.96 per Master Faire) Dent v State Insurance (Ak DC NP 5034/96, 19.04.99 per Joyce QC, DJ) Ellery v Blair (Ak HC CP2 618/88, 22.05.03 per Blanchard, J) Ellis v Moodie (Wgtn HC CIV-2007-485-5-98, 26.07.07 per Gendall, AJ) Fenemor v Papakura Motors (1) (Ak HC HC 119/98, 12.10.98 per Giles, J) Fenemor v Papakura Motors (2) (Pap DC NP 1462/97, 22.06.00 per Field, DJ)

Glover v Thames Harness Rowing Club (Ak HC M 81/95, 19.12.95 per Elias, J) Hobsonville Realty Ltd v Ellery (Wai DC NP 666/94, 16.09.94 per Johnson, DJ)

Hogg v Vaughan (Ak HC M 1394/89, 20.10.89 per Master Anne Gambrill) Hussey v Cameron (TDC CIV-2002-070-330, 09.08.05 per Thomas, DJ)

Lind v Paper Traders Akld Ltd (Ak HC CP 1377/98, 17.12.90 per Master Towle)

Matthews v Memelink [2012] NZHC 2284

Moodie v Lane (Ak HC CP 1484/87, 18.09.90 per Thomas, J)

Motor Trade Finance Ltd v Ron West Motors Ltd (Ak HC CP 2122/88, 20.02.89 per Master Towle)

Permathene Plastics v Woodward (Ak HC M 977/90, 24.07.90 per Thomas, J) R Cameron & Shortts Engineering & Plumbing Supplies Ltd (formerly GSE Group Ltd) v Telecom New Zealand Ltd [2013] NZHC 2203

Seagar v Brady (Ak HC MC 174/96, 05.05.97 per Paterson, J) Seagar v Taillie (Ak DC NP 1257/95, 10.05.96 per Joyce QC, DJ) Silcock v Dodd (Tga DC NP 84/02, 03.05.05 per Rollo, DJ) Singh v Singh (Man DC NP 1380/02, 28.05.04 per Gittos, DJ) Skelton v Skelton (Ak HC CP 1243/89, 29.06.90 per Sinclair, J)

Smallbone v London [2012] NZHC 2990 Smallbone v London [2014] NZHC 832

Smith v Fountain (No.2) (PN HC CIV-2003-454-394, 03.12.03 per Wild, J) Storer v Chowan (Ak DC NP 735/95, 18.05.95 per Joyce QC, DJ) Sutton v Bay Masonry Ltd (Rot HC CIV2003-470-260, 28.05.04 per Williams, J)

Walker v Pyne (Ak HC M 1855/90, 25.02.91 per Master Towle) Re West Energy Ltd (In Liq) (Ak HC M 1047/88, 03.07.89 per Henry, J) Woods v Wilson (AK HC M 1064/89, 27.10.89 per Sinclair,J)

Young & Associates Ltd v Ruscoe [2012] NZHC 1438

Young & Associates Ltd v Ruscoe [2012] NZHC 2059


Family Law & Employment (4)

B v B (Tga FC FAM-2002-070-608, 01.12.04 per Somerville, J)

B v The Warehouse Ltd (ERA Ak A 300/006, AEA 94105, 20.09.06)

Burgess v Beaven [2011] NZCA 422

E v B (Ham HC AP 175/93, 24.11.95 per Hammond, J)

Gay v Cave (Ham HC M 118/86, 27.11.86 per Doogue, J)

JDJ v MJJ (Tga FC FAM-2006-070-143 06.03.06 per Twaddle,DJ)

L v V (TFC FAM-2001-070-990 08.04.05 per Sommerville, DJ)

Smith v Smith [2013] NZHC 3559

Wardop v Bennetts [1995] NZFLR 418 (HC)



(1) A lot of these Judgments will be available on free sites (see http://www.nzlii.org/ or http://jdo.justice.govt.nz/jdo/Search.jsp)

(2) With one notable exception – Gillies, which is mentioned because it was extensively covered in the news media at the time – these cases are cases that went ‘all the way’.  Other cases have been settled (either by way of mediation or Judicial Settlement Conference).

(3) These are only a small sample of the civil cases in which I have been involved, because many cases settle - often with conditions of confidentiality. I have listed these particular cases because a decision was given during or at the end of the case concerned, which makes them a matter of public record.

(4) Most family law cases are resolved and all are confidential so this list is short.   I have only mentioned these few cases because they are in databases (but have omitted names for privacy reasons).